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This website contains all information concerning Hebo FTE´s business activities. It also provides you with the ability to order online a diverse variety of oil combatant products offered by Hebo FTE.

Company Profile 
Hebo FTE BV is a Dutch based company specializing in produce and the distribution of oil spill response products. Oil spills can be divided into two categories: minor time consuming maintenance such as the cleaning of fuel pumping or equipment areas, or major safety and environmental problems. Accidental fuel or oil spills on land, in a harbour or a public waterway can result in substantial fines and cleanup costs.

Hebo oil absorbent products were developed to attack spills quickly and efficiently. We always have more than 200 000 m2 of oil absorbent pads in stock which can be delivered anywhere in the Netherlands within three hours.

Note: If you have an emergency situation and require any of these materials immediately, please contact our office at +31 41 666 80 61 during our business hours. If you need to reach us outside of our office hours, please call:
+31 6 3040 5343 (Jan van Loon)
and a representative of Hebo will be available to take your call.